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What is Cellulite ?

Cellulite is a cosmetic issue that effects the appearance of the skin. This complex condition characterised by an 'orange peel' or cottage cheese' dimpling is commonly seen in females buttocks and thighs.


The skin irregularity is thought to be associated with changes to local microcirculation, lymphatics, dermis, adipose and connective tissue or any combination of these.

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Illustration of Cellulite 

Diagnostic Ultrasound of Cellulite

JODIECELL000 (2).jpg


--------------------Fibrous Connective Tissues 

--------------------Enlarged Fat Cells

--------------------Reserve Fat Layer 


How do we treat Cellulite ?

We have used latest evidence-based research and advanced medical technologies to create our specific treatment protocols. Initially we use diagnostic ultrasound to view the areas of concern and take measurements within the tissues. This allows accurate delivery of our high energy treatment system.

Primary treatment focuses on disrupting the fibrous septae, which results in extracellular healing responses, tissue regeneration, collagen remodelling and improvement in local microcirculation. Secondary treatment focusses upon negative pressure to stretch tissues and anchor filaments, dilate endothelial openings, further improving microcirculation and lymphatic flow.

This combined treatment approach targets the multifactorial causes of the skin distortions and contour irregularities to provide a smoother skin appearance. It is a safe non-invasive medical procedure that demonstrates outstanding results.


Regular exercise and a healthy diet can minimise the appearance of cellulite, but even those who do exercise consistently and eat healthy can still suffer with cellulite. We have created a specific exercise plan for those patients who want to maximise outcomes and reap the rewards of combined treatments.

Before and After Photo Gallery

Results may vary from one patient to another and there is no guarantee that all patients who have this procedure will have similar results.

What is included with your treatment package? 

An initial consultation allows us to determine the extent of your cellulite using a grading system and photographs to ensure we can follow your progress during the treatment phase.


We also perform a diagnostic ultrasound scan which enables us to accurately identify and measure the superficial tissue and fat layers and connective tissues.  

Treatment includes both high energy and negative pressure modalities. This will take around 60-90minutes for each session to complete and the treatment course will last 12 weeks. 


You will also have full access to both the 12 week basic and advanced exercise protocols, the video library and all resistance bands will be included to allow you to exercise at home. 

How much does this cost? 

We wanted top make this superior package as affordable as possible with transparent pricing. Cost will differ for individuals depending on the amount of cellulite areas and dimples per area that are required to be treated. This will be discussed on your initial consultation. 

Both buttocks = 2 areas. Both thighs = 2 areas.


2 areas - 6 sessions                                      £2000

4 areas - 6 sessions                                      £2800

If more than 4 areas are required

Per additional area - 6 sessions                  £700


Single top up session per area                    £175

Important Payment Information 

Full payment for the course will be made at the time of the booking.


For all appointments 24 hours notice is required for cancellation. 


A cancellation charge equal to the full cost of the appointment will be made if less than 24 hours notice is given.

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