Entrance & Reception
Entrance & Reception to The Performance Physio clinic. Showcase signed England football shirts, European Championship Referee signed shirt, Great Britain Athletics Vest, Commonwealth Games Athletics Vest, signed Great Britain Basketball.
Gait Analysis
Athletes, Endurance Runner's, Marathon, Triathlon, weekend warrior all need running techniques analysed. The Performance Physio provides detailed gait analysis & functional movement screening to help identify deficiencies, injuries & improve sports performance.
Treatment Room
The Performance Physio treatment room provides a calm clinical space to undertake detailed assessments & treatments including manual therapy & use of advanced technologies to help you get better quickly.
The Performance Physio has a vast experience working with many elite level athletes including Olympians, Professional Footballers, Referee's, Squash, Basketball, Golf, Tennis & Rugby. we take this elite level experience & provide a service for everyone.
FMS Squat Correction
Rehabilitation following injury or an operation can take time. The Performance Physio uses advanced assessment techniques & provides a bespoke plan to speed your recovery & get you back doing what you love faster.
Tissue work
The Performance Physio is qualified to deliver a variety of advanced manual therapy techniques. Paul holds a post graduate diploma in advanced manipulative physiotherapy, he also holds a variety of other post graduate manual therapy based treatments, sports massage, use of fascial instruments & acupuncture. this extensive This extensive education & experience ensures you as our patients only receive the most up to date treatment.
Gait Analysis Review
We take pride in analysing what we do, to ensure you receive the best treatments. Additional time is spent working on your treatment & rehabilitation plan. That's all on us !
Hawk Grip Fascial Tool
We utilise a variety of new technologies to ensure we are ahead of the game, fascial tools such as hawkgrips, fascial cupping, Theragun percussive technologies are a few key ingredients to our success. Our hands however are our biggest asset & work as a extra set of eyes & they tell us what is going on through tissue contact. They are truly amazing.
Game Ready
We pride our service on using cutting edge medical devices. Whether we are cooling tissues with game ready, improving lymphatic drainage with bodyflow or stimulating muscles with compex or the Miha Bodytec system the focus is all about getting the best out of you to enhance you recovery or performance.
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