Currently we work with AVIVA & CIGNA insurance companies. You will need to check wt yur own insurance company for your level of cover. tis page explains all this but we are happy to tal to yo about this so please give us a call.

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Insurance Information

Insurance companies we work with & are able to bill directly are



Before you come in for your initial appointment you must present:

Your up to date membership number and injury pre-authorisation number from your insurance company.

Your policy limitations (i.e. your excess amount and the amount of money or the number of sessions that has been approved).

It is important to check whether you need to be referred by a doctor or a consultant before receiving treatment.

From time to time your insurer may reject a payment due to the limitations of your policy, meaning that you will need to pay The Performance Physio directly. In most instances you will need to contact your insurer yourself because of data protection.


However please be aware that it is your policy and The Performance Physio cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred. Any appointments you undertake prior to advising The Performance Physio of your wish to use your insurance company OR obtaining your insurance companies approval/full details, will be charged to you at the full rate and will not be refundable, in full or in part, once you have approval.

Other insurance companies


For any other insurance company payment is required at the end of each session. Patients with other health insurance policies are asked to reclaim their fees directly from their insurer. If you wish to claim treatment costs on your health insurance, you will need to contact your insurance company directly and they will send you a claim form. Each insurance policy is different and we advise you to ensure well-in-advance that your treatment is covered. 


Examples of why your insurance may not pay


Like most insurance policies you may have an excess & your insurance company may ask you to pay this excess to The Performance Physio directly.

You may have reached your maximum benefit. If your policy limit is £1000 and the value of your treatment sessions goes over this you will have to pay the outstanding amount.

Your insurance company may decide to limit the number of treatment sessions you are allowed. If so you will need to pay for all treatment sessions outstanding.

Your insurance company may not allow you to have 2 appointments on the same day. For example they may only pay for one 30 minute treatment session per day. All The Performance Physio sessions are a minimum 60 minutes and would therefore require 2x30 minute treatments on the same day. 

If you do not present us with the relevant authorisation, or if your employer has to authorise treatment then you may not have this benefit available until it is authorised. If so you will need to pay for all treatment until this is resolved.

If any of the above occur, you as the patient, who has received treatment from us, will be liable and expected to cover any outstanding monies.

It is important to note that you can only claim for physiotherapy treatment. You cannot claim for: missed appointments, cancellations, tape or any other equipment.