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Physiotherapy Prices start at £80 per hour. we provide longer sessions to ensure you get th best treatment.


Assessment | £120

Athletic Development starts at £80 per hour. Longer panned sessions means we get the best out of your performance

Sports Physiotherapy

Treatment | £100

Sports Physiotherapy starts at £80 per hour. We spend longer with you to ensure yu get the best treatment.


Treatment | £100


Ultrasound Guided Shockwave 

Per Session | £100**

Course of 4-6 sessions required

Rehabilitation starts at £80 per hour. We spend longer with you to ensure you get the best treatment.

Sports Physiotherapy

Assessment | £120


Theragun Recovery Session

20min | £25 


Important Payment Information 

Full payment will be made at the time of booking. 


For all appointments 48 hours notice is required for cancellation. 


A cancellation charge equal to the full cost of the appointment will be made if less than 24 hours notice is given and 50% charge if less than 48 hours. 

** Ultrasound Guided Shockwave £100 - 1 body part per session